Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Poems by a fan of Neruda and Mithunda-2


The kid in the box shaped apartment,
Stares at the sky through square windows.

The bored goldfish in the old aquarium,
Gazes at bored men in office cublicles.

The old lady in the empty room,
Seeks nirvana through her television set.

My soul dwells among boxes.
It floats in a world,
Where space is defined by walls,
And the heart is cursed to carry
The weight of emptiness.

I can feel my skin harden,
And form walls around my soul.
The smoothness giving way to sharp edges
that cuts through the air.

I have morphed into a box
Like the missing block in a jigsaw puzzle,
I finally fall into place.


  1. Your best piece of poetry so far! good good...both neruda and mithun da would be proud of it!

  2. not sure my previous comment got posted or not. so i repeat it.

    This one is claustrophobic,suffocating but very powerful.
    Good work