Friday, April 11, 2008

Poems by a fan of Neruda and Mithunda-I

When creativity dries up , recycle.So ,from now onwards , everytime I have nothing to say , I would copy paste poems i have written in the past and hopefully pick up a few " waah waah"s ( only bouquets are welcome , no brickbats).Some Chinese philosopher said " let thy speech be better than silence , else remain silent".But since I am not Chinese I won't follow that advice and would continue with my self promotion.
P.S - " Confucious spoke too much " -recent Chinese proverb.


Pour me your darkness
Dense, deep and pure.

Let it seep through my skin,
Dissolve my bones
And devour my flesh
Till I return to nothingness.

Lead me to the dark,
Where the seeds sprouts
And the foetus sleeps,
Inside his mothers womb
And in that darkness,
Where all things begin,
Be my saviour from the gaudy light.


  1. old wine in new bottle...

    Polka... i go by a sayin tht
    "He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals"

    n thank god u'll never hav rivals...

    whoever gave Narcism a negetive shade.... we all r Narcists..n proudly so...
    if u disagree thn plz delete this comment :)

  2. @manashi: ya its old wine in a new bottle its more an attempt at self-promotion than narcissism..evryone is not a member of orkut , so i thought why not copy paste old poems n get a few " waah waah..kya baath hain"s.

  3. waah waah..kya baath hain...

    if not satisfied... select the text above... press ctrl+c... and then ctrl+v as many times as you want...

  4. Nice.
    Dark yet very subtle with just a hint of self-pity. Like an anti-hero seeing truth in his dying moments.

  5. bouquets 4 u...
    we need promotion nowadays...
    put some google ads on urself...u can put it up on my blog...:D