Friday, January 18, 2008

The monk for which i can sell my ferrari ( when I get one)

There are somethings which are a class of their own , they dont need to prove their class with a heavy price tag or by words of praise from connoisseurs.Old monx xxx rum would be among the few things in the world which falls in this category.Like all good things its value lies in its quality and not on the packaging.At Rs110 for half a bottle ( must be cheaper in other cities) , old monk is the cheapest and the surest route to nirvana.The poem below is a personal tribute to the "bura baba"

The Styx

In your dark waters,
I seek and find
Friends lost in time,
The friendly hills of childhood,
Laughter that echoes sometimes
In the labyrinths of my mind.
Grandma's silver hair,
Flying against the February wind
And fables of demons and kings
Buried deep inside.

I seek and find
A smile radiant like the sun
That shines through the mist
On a lazy winter morning
And the gentle touch of fingers,
Playing through my hair
Under a sky that was only mine.

Mix with my blood tonight,
You are my holy Styx,
Carry me to that distant land
Where dead memories are born again.


  1. plagiarism...bura baba uporot mur copyright thopim...

  2. hey!

    thats awesome!!!

    its too good and I am stealing it to share with my gang of Burra baba disciples.